A right royal plan…

One million people lining the streets of London. Two billion people watching on television. The eyes of the world on it and the Royal wedding went without a hitch…

Luck, chance or precision planning?

Obviously, that’s a rhetorical question… the planning was clear throughout the event, from the security checks to the trees in the Abbey (!), nothing was left to chance and you know what? It worked!

So what can we learn from the day? How about ‘if you want something to happen, you need to make it happen’? If you define your outcomes, consider the steps required to deliver them, devise a plan and see it through, amazing things can become a reality.

Perhaps another lesson we can learn is the importance of having help. As talented as the new Duke and Duchess may be, its doubtful they could have organised such an impressive event themselves! They took advantage of the help available to define what good looks like, what was needed to deliver it and then project manage their way to a truly impressive event…

Results don’t achieve themselves….

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