Breaking the fat-thin cycle

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen it happen. Someone goes on a crash diet  to lose weight for ‘X’ (insert any one of a number of reasons – a wedding, a holiday, a graduation, a family party, a big birthday, etc etc….). More often than not, miraculous things happen. The weight drops off, their body is transformed and ‘X’ comes and goes in a warm fuzzy glow of success.

And then normal service is resumed…

The weight starts to creep back on, pound by inevitable pound, moving slowly back to the start or even worse beyond…

Why is this? Why should someone achieve their goal and then allow the very prize for which they have worked so hard, just slip away? In my view there are two reasons:

1) They achieve the goal in the wrong way, and

2) They lose all motivation once ‘X’ passes.

What do I mean by this? Well in the first instance I have issues with the concept of ‘diets’. A diet is, almost by definition, a short term change in eating habits, with an end date. Little wonder then that when ‘X’ is seen as the end date, the weight should start to pile on again.

Few people I’ve spoken to who find themselves locked in this cycle actually UNDERSTAND food and nutrition. Few know what ‘good’ looks like when the diet ends and given that lack of understanding, few know where to go once ‘X’ has come and gone, when the diet ends.

It is here that I enjoy my work in Healthy Life Planning the most. Helping people to understand what they are doing and motivating them to make serious and lasting changes for life. Where appropriate, we work with nutritionalists and my excellent personal trainers but above all the difference is in helping people look at things differently. Not as a short term deprivation for a short term goal, but as a long term and lasting change for a positive, healthy and happy life.

It’s not always easy but its worth it!

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