Life Planning for IFAs

RDR is set to change the Financial Services landscape for good, and for the better. Of course there are many advisers who really do offer their clients genuine added value. Those who don’t do so will simply fall by the wayside.

This is a unmissable opportunity to deliver that added value. Adapting your approach by integrating Life Planning techniques will enable you to develop long lasting, meaningful fee based relationships with your most valued clients.

This unique approach was developed by Life Planning founder Jon Dunckley, who is a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and Member of the Association for Coaching, drawing on his 15 years of advising clients and working alongside other highly successful financial planners.

The range of highly affordable solutions for IFAs includes everything from 121 business development sessions to comprehensive staff training programmes. Life Planning offers a number of products and services tailored to suit your
individual needs.

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