Painting a room – a metaphor for life!

I spent a lot of time over the weekend painting the office space I use for meeting my Life Planning clients…and it got me thinking…

I often see similarities between day-to-day life and the work I do with my clients – and this is no exception! It occurred to me that almost 80% of the time I spent decorating was actually spent preparing the room rather than the ‘doing’ of the painting.

Once I had cleaned the room, protected the skirting boards with masking tape, removed plug sockets and light switches and cut in along the edges, the task of painting the wall was incredibly easy and incredibly quick…

And isn’t it  really like that with any change we want to bring about? If you take the time to lay the groundwork and prepare yourself properly, the actual change is the easy part.

To take it a step further, if you have someone else helping you with the preparation, the whole task becomes very simple. Maybe that’s why my clients achieve their goals?

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